About US

Due to the high rate of divorce, separation, conflicts in families and relationships in the society, resolution of conflicts in relationships, promoting the rights of children and encouraging individuals to live a healthy lifestyle becomes paramount.

Therefore, ‘Relate With Me‘ was formed to advise individuals on the continuous improvement of relationships, family and well being in the society and through the media(RELATE WITH ME TV).


‘Relate With Me’ is an Organisation with the aim to promote human health(public health) and social works activities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continuously work on those little habits that want to destroy our relationships and wellbeing by;

1. the advancement of health and well-being in particular by promoting healthy relationships between families and relationships
2. helping and supporting rights of children and children with special needs within families and in the society.

3. promoting older people activities without accommodation.

4. resolving conflicts between the couple, families, courtship.

5. Giving Support to the Singles on how they can get into a relationship and its sustenance.

Major write-ups and activities are derived from

1.Word of God(Bible)

Every successful business starts with a happy marriage, relationship, good health which results in a better community and nation. Changing your mindset about your marriage or relationship is the key to its sustenance.

Relax and feel free to leave your comment or opinion about any of our works and contact us


Relate With Me Tv partners with -Care for the Family to support individuals in the community

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